the story

Endless, the series

“They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it’s night once more.”
Pozzo - Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett


A young woman wearing a dress with sequins escapes from someone who is following her.
Eyes stained black. The mind and memories completly empty.
Someone gave her a photo, someone told her she has to reach a funeral…
Someone is waiting for her along with the chaos that comes with her…
but the young woman doesn’t remember anything
and she clings to every trace of life,
at every appearence and word that can indicate the road…

Meanwhile the sea echoes with its waves….
Aman attends that a woman undresses for him following the melody played by an old gramophone….
A young man is lost in a macabre celebration, where a girl welcomes him with a razor in her hands and a deadly hymn of love on her lips….
A car of the ’30s follows each of them
it spies on them,
it pushes them towards a castle that dominates the sea,
and in which seems to be locked the key to the mystery, that pervades everything…

For each one there’s a different road taking them to the castle.
During the journey meeting is forbidden…

The creator of the series




Born in Bari obtained the degree in Sociology – Communication and Mass Media (La Sapienza – Roma – 2001),

Lucilla Mininno studied dramaturgy at Holden School (Enzimi 2001)

screenplay at RAI (Script 2003) and Shoting and Editing at School of Cinema in Rome (2008).

“We are only miserable, desperat mice…
For you this is yet another experiment, right?”
The hole - Lucilla Mininno

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